Our Mission

MalawRise is a non-profit organization founded in New York City by Konko Ba, a native of Senegal.

The mission of MalawRise is to provide mentorship to the youth of Senegal through organized sports as a way to enhance their entrepreneurial, vocational and academic growth to to transform campers into the future leaders of their communities in Senegal, ultimately resulting in an improved quality of life for the future generations.


MalawRise promotes cultural and economic exchanges between the U.S. and Senegal with the collaboration between our American coaches, Marlon Smith and Rauly Leino and fitness instructor Jason Martinez, all of whom are board members of the MalawRise Foundation.

We work with Senegalese coaches that have been designated by the Senegalese Basketball Federation to engage in a peer to peer mentoring program.
We have set up platforms on Instagram @MalawRise, WhatsApp and also a website MalawRise.org to stay connected and engaged with the campers and parents.

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